Cory Bell



Meet Cory Bell
I’m originally from Dover, NJ but have been living in Hampton, VA for over a year and a half. I’ve basically been playing football all my life and experienced it on many different levels. (High school, prep school, junior college, division ll-III) I’ve had the opportunity to train at numerous athletic facilities and trained with NFL/CFL players. Working out and training is a huge part of who I am.
Sports performance
I’ve played and trained with a variety of skilled athletes, from NFL/CFL players to Division 1-3 athletes, which has broadened my skills on and off the field. I suffered from many injuries such as a hamstring tear, broken fibula, and broke humorous which allowed me to learn how to rehab my own body through experiences.
I provide personalized and group training for men and women looking to get fit or stay in shape. Whether it be weight loss, becoming more explosive, or just wanting to gain pure strength. I make sure each client achieves whatever fitness goals they come to TNDO with.